We would like to acknowledge the support we have received from Mary and Fran (Local Sports Partnership, Wexford County Council). They have visited our school, given us advice and provided us with equipment for various activities in support of our Active School Initiative.

Dance mats were borrowed for over two weeks.

The HSE Health Promotion Office has also been contacted to let them know that we are working towards the Active School Flag.

ASF Committee

Chairperson, Secretary, Mentors and PROs

ASF Notice Board

Our Active School Flag Notice Board is on display in the hall where the children assemble each morning.



Suggestion Box

Children were given opportunities to give suggestions for the Active School Slogan, playground and walkway activities.

At the end of assembly each Friday the school acknowledges physical activity and sports achievements achieved during and outside school hours. Photos and details are then put on our ‘Well Done’ wall.



Senior pupils conducted a ‘What Club Are You In?’ survey to find out about physical activity opportunities available in the local community. The school children are involved in up to 21 different sports.


Physical Activity Providers from our Local Community

The Junior half of the school participated in ‘Tricks 4 Sticks’ for a number of weeks. This is an initiative organised by Hockey Ireland and many thanks to Donal Doyle who coached the children alongside the teachers.

Hockey Skills


Ray Harris (GAA) has been providing coaching alongside the teachers in Gaelic Football and Hurling enhancing the skills recommended in the Games Strand.

GAA Skills


Gymnastic Coaches in collaboration with the teachers are teaching the required objectives for the Gymnastic Strand for each class grouping using the equipment that they are providing.


S.E.N. Support

Our children with special needs are encouraged and given every opportunity to participate in P.E. and all physical activities. For example a personal swimming teacher is provided for the Aquatics Strand. SNAs are very supportive to ensure that full participation happens during lessons.


Many thanks to the Irish Wheelchair Association who visited our school.


Our GAA Coach recently introduced the ‘Fun and Run’ kit to two teachers and their classes. This pack is ideal for inclusiveness of SEN pupils.