The pupils in the Junior Room have two 30 minute sessions of P.E. each week. Pupils in the Middle and Senior Rooms have one 60 minute session.

Each P.E. strand is taught throughout the school simultaneously using PSSI lesson plans as guidelines and we have prioritised Gymnastics as the P.E. strand for further development for this school year.  The Parent’s Association have kindly funded gymnastic instructors to offer help and advise to our staff.



The Junior Room participated in the PAWS Programme this year.

The school ensures that the children with special needs can play as full a role as possible in all P.E. activities.



P.E. Equipment Audit


P.E. equipment audit

Labelled resources


Rota for P.E. Equipment at

Lunch Time

Days Names
Monday Gabriella, Jill R., Anna W., Lilianna
Tuesday Rachael, Josh, Anna O., Holly, Aaron
Wednesday Daniel, Thomas, Jill F., Sara
Thursday Ruben, John, Jakub, Eoin
Friday Hugo, Jack, Sam, Keagan