Active Schools Committee 2022/2023.

The Active Schools Committee conducting an audit of our P.E. resources.

The Active Schools Committee 2021/2022

March 2022

The Junior Room enjoying a PE lesson ‘as Gaeilge’ with the Active School Committee for Seachtain na Gaeilge.

Our Active Schools Committee 2021/2022

The Active Schools Committee set up an obstacle course for all the children during Active Schools Week.

Active Schools Committee Meeting- Covid Style!

Active Schools Committee Meeting

April 2021

During lockdown we did an Active Schools Zoom meeting. We discussed who would do what job in our committee. We decided that Luke and Sam would be the P.R.O, Katie and Leah would be the mentors and Dervla and Faye would be joint chairperson and secretary.

In February we decided that there would be an Active Zoom with the whole school. Nearly everyone in the school joined our zoom meeting. It started off with Faye and Dervla welcoming the students. It then went on to Katie, Leah and Luke doing the main activities such as the plank, squats, jumping jacks and even the wall sit. Sam, our P.R.O was timing the session throughout the zoom. We repeated the main activities and finally went on to Faye doing the cool down stretches. At the end of the zoom the active school committee said thank you and goodbye!

The Active Schools Committee 2019/2020.

Our Active Schools Committee has been nominated.

Throughout the school, a suggestion box was used to gather ideas for morning activities.

Monday Morning: Junior Infants – 1st Class

Tuesday Morning:  2nd Class- 6th Class

The activities are lead by the Active Schools Committee.

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The students on the Active Schools Committee has many different roles.

Active Schools Committee 2018/2019
Public Relation Officers