Numerous initiatives have been put in place to promote physical activity.

Monday: Wake up, Shake up

Tuesday: Circuits


Wednesday: Yoga

Thursday: Lunch Time Dance to music from boom box



Thursday and Friday: Walkway

We used the suggestion box to help decide what activities we would do on our walkway. The plaques are temporarily in place for the moment.

Our Weekly ‘Be Active’ schedule



Our Playground


Senior Playground

Junior Playground

Soft Play Area


Playground Leaders

Two children from the Middle Room are on duty each day to ensure that no child is excluded and that all children are active in the Junior playground. Mentors from the ASF Committee are in charge of the playground leaders duties.



Promoting physical activity and use of sports equipment at break time:

Rainy Day Activities

Rainy Day Policy

Short Physical Activity Breaks


Physical Activity Rewards


Golden Time


Extra P.E. time

Classroom Games


We are working in partnership with parents and children using the Super Trooper initiative to encourage physical activity at home. This was launched in September and the children received their diaries. This is an ongoing initiative and is part of their homework.




Active School Slogan


School Calendar Events


Halloween Party

Fun and games at the Halloween Party

We even had healthy treats!


Christmas Disco

As we are an urban school any trips to the church, library, soccer tournaments or neighbouring schools are undertaken on foot.

Sports Day

Every June Sports Day takes place in the school grounds. The children are divided into teams that are made up of children from each class grouping. Both courts are in use with all children active at all times. The activities are based on a variety of skills with emphasis on participation and fun. Parents are invited to assist if they wish and also to spectate. The highlight of the day is the parents race!


Soccer Blitz

Each year the school participates in an inter-school soccer blitz. This year the blitz takes place on Friday, 4th May in The Soccer Pavilion, Bunclody. Our school has entered two teams in the Junior Section and two teams in the Senior Section. Our P.A. help us out on the day.

School Tours

Each year both the Junior and Senior tours have both an educational and physical activity included.


Running Initiative

Weather dependent, the pupils in each classroom run for 5 minutes each day around the perimeter of the playground. One lap is 90 metres. So far we have run as far as Dublin, Belfast and London. We are currently on our way to Paris.