Basketball 2023 – 2024

Thanks to generous parents and school community members, St Mary’s NS is now the proud owner of a wonderful basketball hoops and basketballs. This is a wonderful new addition to our already ‘Active School’.

Sports Day

28th of June 2023

Soccer Blitz hosted by Gorey Central School

15th Jun 2023

Congratulations to our winning teams!

Learning Outdoors

Senior History Tour

June 2023

Student Council Fundraiser in School

June 2023

Easter Treasure Hunt 2023

World Day of Prayer Service March 2023

Walk to the Church

Active Break Every Day Challenge

Started January 23rd 2023

A Walk to the Playground

9th February 2023

16th January 2023 – River Walk

21st December 2022- Christmas Disco

Sports Day June 2022

Senior Tour

15th June 2022

15th June 2022

Junior Tour

The Junior Room’s trip to the playground.

14th June 2022.

Inter Schools Soccer Blitz 2022

May 27th 2022

May 10th 2022

Walking to the Church for our Choral Festival

4th March 2022. Walking to the church for World Day of Prayer Service.

Learning Outdoors with Una Halpin and  Dale Treadwell from Heritage in Schools.

Active Break Every Day Challenge 8th Nov-3rd Dec 2021

Walking to the Harvest Service in the Church.

15th October 2021

Sports Day 21st June 2021

School Tour 16th June 2021

Running Challenge

Running Challenge:

In May, we made a goal to run to Greece, where one lap around our court equals one kilometre. Each class were doing laps for five minutes every day for four weeks.

Altogether the whole school ran 5877 laps in four weeks. It was 3797km to Mount Olympia in Greece. We ran all the way to Greece and half way back again. It’s nearly 10,000km to run as far as Tokyo for this year’s Olympics but we didn’t make it that far! Overall we really enjoyed the running challenge and our running definitely improved over the 4 weeks.


Active School Walkway Route

Our school has created a walkway route to promote physical activity and cross curricular learning.

We used our walkway to raise money for “Christian Aid” with Rev. Nicola. We walked around 5 times carrying water bottles. We also used it for art class.

Rainy Day Classroom Activities






Easter 2021

Easter Hunt 25th & 26th March 2021


Decreasing Sedentary Time

Christmas 2020- A beautiful walk in The Orchard Peace Park.

Thank you to 3rd and 4th class for teaching us the moves to ‘Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree’.

The 12 Days of ‘Fitness’

Active Break Every Day Challenge

Our Active Break Everyday Challenge began on 16th November 2020 and continued for 4 weeks.

Here are our activity sheets and an example of one of the activities- 10@10 with Fingal County Council. 

The 10@10 activity.
Activity Sheets

Nature Walk- 5th of November 2020

Senior School Tour 13th June 2019

2nd – 6th Classes enjoyed paintballing and the assault course at Kilkenny Activity Centre. A fun and active day out!

Obstacle Course

5th and 6th Classes organised an obstacle course for the younger children. They had great fun running, jumping, hitting and throwing.





FAI Spar Primary 5s Soccer Blitz

On Tuesday 26th March, pupils from 4th, 5th and 6th took part in an FAI soccer blitz at the Shamrock Rovers GAA club with other local schools. Three St. Mary’s teams took part, and all put in a great effort.

The team in Group 1 had some success winning against Glenbrien and drawing with St. Aidan’s. They were unlucky to lose 2 – 1 against St Joseph’s and had a tough game against a very strong Ballaghkeane side.

The girls team in Group two had great success winning all of their matches and beating St. Joseph’s 2 – 1 in a very tight final. They will soon travel to Wexford to compete in the county finals.


The mixed team in Group 3 had a very tough draw, playing against much bigger and stronger teams. Despite this, they kept their spirits up and fought hard in each match to the very end.

It was wonderful to see great sportsmanship and support for each other throughout the games. The blitz was very well organised and enjoyed by all.

Tag Rugby  February 2019.

The children in 5th and 6th class enjoying tag rugby this week.

Morning Exercise January 2019.


Week 1 with 5th/6th Class.

Numerous initiatives have been put in place to promote physical activity.

Monday: Wake up, Shake up

Tuesday: Circuits

Wednesday: Yoga

Thursday: Lunch Time Dance to music from boom box

Thursday and Friday: Walkway

We used the suggestion box to help decide what activities we would do on our walkway. The plaques are temporarily in place for the moment.

Our Weekly ‘Be Active’ schedule

Our Playground

Senior Playground

Junior Playground

Soft Play Area

Playground Leaders

Two children from the Middle Room are on duty each day to ensure that no child is excluded and that all children are active in the Junior playground. Mentors from the ASF Committee are in charge of the playground leaders duties.

Promoting physical activity and use of sports equipment at break time:

Rainy Day Activities

Rainy Day Policy

Short Physical Activity Breaks



Physical Activity Rewards

Golden Time


Extra P.E. time

Classroom Games

We are working in partnership with parents and children using the Super Trooper initiative to encourage physical activity at home. This was launched in September and the children received their diaries. This is an ongoing initiative and is part of their homework.

Active School Slogan

School Calendar Events

Halloween Party

Fun and games at the Halloween Party

We even had healthy treats!

Christmas Disco

As we are an urban school any trips to the church, library, soccer tournaments or neighbouring schools are undertaken on foot.

Sports Day

Every June Sports Day takes place in the school grounds. The children are divided into teams that are made up of children from each class grouping. Both courts are in use with all children active at all times. The activities are based on a variety of skills with emphasis on participation and fun. Parents are invited to assist if they wish and also to spectate. The highlight of the day is the parents race!

Sports Day 18th  June 2018

Our Sports Day this year concluded with a dance routine in the playground involving all the pupils.

Soccer Blitz

Each year the school participates in an inter-school soccer blitz. This year the blitz takes place on Friday, 4th May in The Soccer Pavilion, Bunclody. Our school has entered two teams in the Junior Section and two teams in the Senior Section. Our P.A. help us out on the day.

School Tours

Each year both the Junior and Senior tours have both an educational and physical activity included.

Pupils from 3rd – 6th class participated in some challenging activities on 14th June 2018.  Their skills were tested kayaking in a purpose built activity lake, climbing a structure with high ropes, followed by shooting targets in an airsoft range.

Running Initiative

Weather dependent, the pupils in each classroom run for 5 minutes each day around the perimeter of the playground. One lap is 90 metres. So far we have run as far as Dublin, Belfast and London. We are currently on our way to Paris.