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Making butter – 2nd 3rd and 4th Classes

Mrs Duke’s Class had lots of fun making made butter on Tuesday. Each pupil put cream into an airtight container with a marble. They shook the container repeatedly until butter formed. Then they spread their freshly-churned butter on freshly-baked crusty rolls and scoffed the lot! Scrumptious!!! 1st Class even called in to observe and sample the butter.




Maths Activities using the Izac 9 blocks

5th and 6th Class children worked in teams to solve problems including prime numbers, multiplication, shapes, magic squares and fractions. 




2nd, 3rd and 4th Classes also completed various Maths challenges using the iZac9 blocks.


1st Class did some iZac9 Maths tasks too! They were very quick to reassemble the set! Well done 1st Class!