Module 1: Farmer, Farm and Field Safety.

  • Farm Visit Checklist.
  • Know the Safety Signs

  • Slurry Safety

  • Water Safety

  • Working at Heights

  • Farmer and Health Wellness

Module 2: Animal Safety.

Know the Warning Signs


Cows & Calves


Dogs and Cats

In Drama Class we explored the ways to safely approach animals.

Pet, pause for three, come back to me, or walk away from me.

Do not pet animals when feeding.


Animal Care & Well Being

Module 3: Tractor & Machinery Safety.

Staying Safe with Machinery & Vehicles

Tractor Safety

Know the Blind Spots

PTO Safety

Quad Bike Safety

What Machines Farmers Use

Tractor Safety Checklist

Certificate of Accreditation – Farm Safe Schools

Extra Activities

The school had a visit from Alma Jordan this week to learn all about Farm Safety.

It was a very enjoyable afternoon.