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The students had an amazing day at The Stables, Gorey recently for their School Tour. They were all extremely brave and completed lots of different fitness related activities to help with their co-ordination, flexibility, agility, strength and speed. They had lots of fun and a very enjoyable day!

First and second class are enjoying practicing their typing skills and trying out the new school Chromebooks.

3rd and 4th Class were experimenting with single and double pulleys last week.






Some lovely artwork on display created by 3rd and 4th Class.


1st & 2nd Class made pictograms and block graphs after conducting a survey in school.




Some lovely artwork on display created by 3rd and 4th Class.



Other Activities for Week Beginning June 22nd 

Monday As the restrictions begin to ease, you might be able to see more friends again soon. Get active together with socially distance games or play with your family. Spin the wheel to choose a game.

Scroll down to “Spin the wheel for a game”, instructions are included. 

Have fun as you choose from the following games: wall ball, kerbs, traffic lights, piggy in the middle, kick the can, follow the leader, duck duck goose, all in together, Simon says, hopscotch and hot ‘n cold.

Tuesday  How’s does your garden grow? Unfortunately it’s mainly the weeds that are growing in school grounds. But here are some ideas to try in your own garden.

Wednesday  Healthy Habits – Take a look at the Moo Crew wesbsite to learn lots about Dairy.

You’ll find videos and activities on:

  • Dairy farming
  • Dairy in the diet
  •  Dental health
  • Dairy and the environment 
  • From grass to glass.
Thursday Act of Kindness

In the past few months families / communities have been working hard to take care of each other. It may have been doing shopping, helping people stay safe or just making people smile. Record your recent “Act of Kindness” in the form of a story, picture or poem. 

Friday 130 ideas to do at home! Surely you can’t have tried them all yet. Hopefully there’ll be something here to keep you entertained over the summer holidays.





Other Activities for Week Beginning June 15th

Monday There are lots of activities to try throughout each week on this website:

The Eco Explorer Club

Learn all about biodiversity.

Biodiversity: Protecting Nature

What fuels our planet?

Pollution and protecting our planet.

Tuesday Today’s activities: Rocket Mouse – with an empty plastic bottle, some paper and tape you could create your own Rocket Mouse. Have a look at these instructions and see how you get on.

Or if you’re up for a bigger challenge and have some help you could try to make your own bubbles.

Make bubbles

Wednesday Sports Day

Challenge your family to a mini sports day. Here are some activities you can try:

a) Hit a target with a football.

b) Spud and Spoon Race.

c) Make an obstacle course.

d) See how many pegs you can put on / take off a line using one hand in 30 seconds.

e) Place a pile of socks on the table and see who can match / pair them the quickest.

Who has a creative or unusual activity that could be included in Sports Day? Let us know your ideas.

Thursday Are you ready for Father’s Day this weekend? Here are some ideas for a homemade card, or maybe you’ve a simpler idea at home. This one looks a little complicated.

Make a homemade gift card for Father’s Day or another special occasion..

Friday Virtual tour of Dublin Zoo

Take a tour around Dublin Zoo and visit some of your favourite animals.

Then choose from the following:

Activity workbook library: information, drawing and puzzles.

The Eco explorer’s club: Draw with Don (a red squirrel) and biodiversity.

Home school hub: learn the difference between a monkey and an ape, the animals in the African Savanna and how to create your own habitat.

Nature activity videos: birdwatching, bird feeders and becoming a nature detective.

Webcams: catch a glimpse of the giraffes, zebras, rhinos, penguins and elephants.





Monday 8th June- Friday 12th June 2020


This is often a good time of year to review Water Safety Awareness. There’s lots of resources and activities for all classes on this website:


Following on from the Agri Kids visit in school before we closed, you might like to revisit farm safety for children through the games and activities on

Have you a whiteboard marker lying around somewhere? Try this activity and see if you can get it to work. Draw figures that become animated

Or if you’re brave enough for something messier, try making your own playdough or colourful patterns in milk

Singing – If you’re missing out on the singing we usually do in school, have a look at this website.

You can download the lyrics and sing lots of well known songs or learn some new songs.

(4-7 year olds) “People who help us” or choose songs from “Silly Stuff” on the playlist.

(7-12 year olds) “One moment, one people” or “In every way” or choose songs that are “Empowering/Inspiring/Sing Up Day Songs” on the playlist.

Eoin O’Connor Art Inspiration

After yesterday’s assembly appreciating our animals why not create an artwork of them? Eoin O’Connor is an Irish artist who specialises in colourful paintings of cows and other animals. Have a look at his paintings and try to create your own version. You can zoom in on the paintings to get a really close look. We’d love to see what you come up with!

Wind down with some yoga this Friday. For younger children try Cosmic Yoga Kids for yoga, mindfulness and relaxation for kids. There are interactive adventures which build strength, balance and confidence.

Older children might enjoy this a bit more:








Hello Everyone!
We are so impressed with all the hard work our students have been doing over the last few weeks. This month we thought we would try some fun activities and challenges.
Have a go at some of these fun drawing lessons, we would love you to send us a photo of your drawings!


Don Conroy to entertain the nation as he launches his YouTube channel

Our students have been keeping busy! Have a look at what they have been getting up to.

Thank you to all for sending these amazing photos!



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